Food focus based on the Technologies involved

Have you ever been concerned on what, how, and the which food you probably consume?How is produced? Get to know the all WH.. questions before you get to your desired food.

One has to first examine the impacts of the technology. The impacts, therefore, aids someone to determine his/her take. Technology is an important know-how in every field of production.

First and foremost have ever been keen on what you consume in the recent days? Probably, few are concerned. The technology has really enabled the impossibilities to be a possibility in the recent years. For instance, the much debated GM foods are results of a technology which have had a diverse debate whether or not to accept it or not. The debates should not basically focus on the acceptability or evils of the technology, but what we do with it which really counts. Therefore, the problems it likely to solve in the universe should be the topic of discussions.

As above, mentioning GM creates the PROs and the ANTIs. The later,try to  roll it out to give it a red carpet while former sees GM as red herring, a distruction from other – easily acceptable.

The arguments are surely still proceeding and wont end in the near future as the pros and the anti will still push to their sides without giving out the actual solutions needed, of the food insecurities and the GM impacts. Putting the considerations of the global warming and the lack of enough farmlands in some areas, a better food production methods have to be explored to counter the problems needed other than debating the GM.

GM as one of the contentious subjects in the area of foosd production and farming is the sort of debaates which should be engaged in the most of the amicable manner. Food Ethics council should possibly engage in this. As, time moves towards visions and missions, to be precise the Kenyan vision 2030, there should not be cases of blame games. As a matter of facts, we are far near achieving that,if almost 3/4 of the country still lingers in hunger yet the GM iss still unsolved issue. The better the enactment to get a solution to WHAT GM seeking to solve other than the Technology in isolation. Many countries have totally banned the use of GM products e.g. Scottish ban on GM crops while others, have neither agreed nor rejected the use of these products.

In many cases many assumes that producing more foods through tech-innovations is the solution to feeding the world. The issue possed is how the technology is applied and the extent to which they are fit for purposeroom to improve yields-nutrient supply per hectre but output per hectre. Further, resilience improvements and food losses, which also does not lead to a direct a RUBBER STAMPING! (GM technologies)

So do we need GM? This is an old school question. Its upon the researchers and policy makers to ask different questions. On my mind, GM has been given much focus without giving a solution to this. Therefore, other options havee been under-resourced/ignored.

Should there be considerations on full range of technological and non-technological options that exists? Is Technology involved in the production the problem? You need to understand, for any technology, in a given context, we be asking:

  • Who it empowers/disempowers and how?
  • How does it promotes diversity, resilience and fairness?

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